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About Twin Tales

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The Twins behind the Tales

We are the twins behind the tales, Swathi and Shurabi Anphalagan. As dedicated health advocates, we hope to use our passion for health, digital arts, and activism to bridge the gaps in our healthcare systems. What better way to blend these interests than writing, illustrating, designing, and publishing children’s books!

Our Story

Through the Twin Tales project, we hope to disseminate and convey health information in an enjoyable and interactive approach. By writing stories that promote values of healthy living and diversity, we aim to fuel positive change in society. Not only do we want our stories to help children make informed choices about their health, we want to bring representation to races that are often underrepresented in modern media. By including characters of various cultural backgrounds, we hope to resonate with a wider group of children and put a smile on their faces! 


Our intention is to target the youth population who are our future change-makers and innovators. We want to shape an atmosphere that supports the health and growth of children by exposing them to positive values of care and acceptance. Support us in igniting this change by adding our books to your library! 


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