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Our Tales!

Support us in our journey towards helping children gain self-awareness about their own health by purchasing our books! Let us collaborate and bring positive change by spreading values of healthy living and acceptance. Check out our stories below! 

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Ahana Got A Vaccine!

Childhood vaccination anxiety is common among many children, however, should never be a limiting factor towards your child’s health. We hope to educate children on the importance of vaccinations to help them make informed choices about their health in the future. By following along the journey of Ahana, your child can also overcome their fears of vaccines and needles. 


Through this story, children can build awareness about their health and expose themselves to the procedures that occur at a doctor’s appointment, to calm their nerves. Purchase your copy and watch your child overcome their fear of needles!

I am Beautiful!

This story encourages confidence and acceptance for children with epidermal diseases like Vitiligo, Albinism, Alopecia, and Acne. We want every child to feel confident and beautiful, regardless of an epidermal disease that may impact their physical appearance.


By using vibrant illustrations and diverse characters, teach your child values of acceptance and diversity! Follow through our story to learn what makes Arya, Liam, Jada, and Sara beautiful!

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Mom, Dad! Please Get The Vaccine!_edited.jpg

Mom, Dad! Please Get The Vaccine! 

The COVID-19 pandemic has been an unexplainable reality for many children who lack the knowledge to comprehend why they are not allowed to go to school in-person or engage in social activities. Alongside this confusion, many children do not understand the importance of vaccination in decreasing the spread of COVID-19. 


We introduced this story to educate children and promote vaccination against COVID-19. The story features a bold child who convinces his hesitant parents to get vaccinated during a pandemic. Through this story, help your child understand the importance of vaccinations and allow them to build their critical thinking skills as future change-makers! 

The Race for Change!

This story teaches children about the importance of making our communities more accessible. By providing representation for children with disabilities, we aim to educate children on how they can contribute to making our society more accepting and inclusive! By addressing topics such as accessibility, bullying, and diversity, this story can help children grow their mindsets to become more accepting. 


Follow along the journey of Applegrove Public School, as students help make their school more accessible for their new student Liang!

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