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The Twin Tales project was founded to serve the community and spread values of health advocacy and unity. By recognizing disparities in our society, we strive to make the world a better place for everyone. 

We want our impact to span beyond our books, to truly inspire children worldwide! By uniting children across the world, the Twin Tales Project is determined to serve all communities.

Check out some of our current initiatives to learn more about how we hope to make a difference.

School Events

To inspire children to spread values of diversity and unity in school, we hosted workshops for elementary school students. In our workshops, we taught children about the importance of respect, representation, and unity. Through engaging activities, we showed children how they can be confident. By having children repeat affirmations and share compliments to their classmates, we were able to witness a growth in their confidence. 


Alongside this, we educated children on topics such as multiculturalism and skin diseases to promote values of acceptance at school.

Sri Lanka Donation 

By having our books available for sale internationally, we hope to shine light on all children while spreading values of health advocacy and diversity. 


We wanted to initiate our worldwide expansion by donating our stories to local schools and underprivileged children in Sri Lanka. As individuals of this ethnic background, we wanted to inspire young children to pursue their passions and serve their community. 


Our books were donated to local schools for teachers to utilize in their classrooms. These books were used for children to learn about vaccinations and epidermal diseases at school. Alongside this, many children used these books to support the learning of the English language. 


Although the books were initially intended for younger audiences, we had many older students who were inspired by our work and wanted to support the project. Many older students wanted to read our books to teach their younger siblings about vaccinations. Alongside this, we witnessed many older students guide their younger siblings in reading English. 


We are ecstatic to see Sri Lankan children welcome our books and the Twin Tales Project with open hands. We hope to serve as role models for children across the world.


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Thank you to our sponsors for supporting our initiative! 

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