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The Twin Tales Project

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Why Twin Tales?

The Twin Tales Project was initiated to bridge gaps in healthcare and advocate for healthy living and acceptance through children’s books. Alongside this, the project aims to bring representation to children that are underrepresented in modern media. By targeting the youth population in this engaging approach, we hope to support the health and growth of our future!


Our Books

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It is Liang's first day at school and he is excited to make some new friends! Follow through his journey, as his friends work hard to make the world more accessible. This book is a great addition to your library to teach children about disabilities and inclusivity!

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The Choo Choo Virus has been spreading rapidly around the world, making many people sick. Leo’s parents refuse to get the vaccine, leaving Leo desperate to convince his parents. Follow through Leo’s story to find how his family decided to get vaccinated and stop the spread of the Choo Choo Virus!

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Ahana visits the doctor, only to find out she needed to get a vaccine. Follow through Ahana’s doctor visit as she overcomes her fear of needles to get vaccinated! Using diverse characters and engaging illustrations, this book can help children overcome their fear of needles. 

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Meet Arya, Liam, Jada, and Sara who all have different skin conditions that make them beautiful. Learn more about skin conditions such as Vitiligo, Alopecia, Albinism, and Acne that can impact children. This book uses vibrant illustrations and diverse characters to teach children values of acceptance and diversity. 

I am Beautiful

“This book was probably one of the cutest and best children’s books that I have read and gifted to someone. It is wonderfully written and illustrated. Beyond the visual diversity, there is a profound message of inclusion, self worth, love and acceptance. It was so refreshing to see beautiful coloured pictures on every page and the text was very easy to be understood by a younger audience. I am also very happy with the purchase since my baby cousin LOVED it. Totally recommend”


Everybody Loves Twin Tales!

Everybody Loves Twin Tales!








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